czwartek, 16 lipca 2015

Summer feelings

You say denim and what you really think? Fashion, joy and immortal youth! This summer you may choose from many denim options:       we wear jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and of course shorts.  What is most important, denim total look is the favourite style of this summer. So you can mix many different parts of denim clothes to make a great outfit. 

We especially like denim shirts: they look like    a cowboy part, what doesn't mean you need to make a Wild West look! You just need to mix them properly with other clothes. Of course it's very simple to mix just denim shirt with jeans, but we don't  like such obvious  solutions!
It's nice to add denim shirt to shorts or mini skirt to make a modern and fresh look. 

Also try to mix them with sporty style accessories: shopper bags and flat leather Ippomare sandals. Denim loves natural colours, so mix it with light and dark leather - it's very, very  stylish! 
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wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015

Summer Man

Summer Man

Hey guys, it's time for a real summer. So, don't forget to look fabulous! Right now, we want to present three outfits, that will make you look posh and stay  in the hottest summer trends. And mix all these outfits with sandals from Greek Heroes line. They'are really special!

Sea breeze 

Dunes, golden sand, wind... What else could make you feel better? Good style. So, when you plan holiday at seaside, think about linen. Pants, shirts, everything made of linen, makes you feel natural and stylish. This fabric makes your skin breath and you feel comfortable, even when the weather is typical: hot and almost exotic. What else? Good sandals - perfect match for a beach. We offer you Ippomare ARIONAS: light, comfortable, just a perfect fitting for linen. 

Summer in the city 

So, are you ready for sightseeing? Great! No matter, if you visit Rome, Helsinki or Prague this summer. Think about comfort! Try to mix some comfortable and basic pieces: nice bermudas, shirt, add some nice bag (for holiday souvenirs).  Don't forget abput good watch and sunglasses - city sun can make you feel lazy (so you can miss the plane) or make your eyes tired. We finish with a nice Ippomare ACHILLES flip-flops. What elese could make you feel more stylish? 

Working man 

So, your holiday is over, but not summer. Be ready, be taugh and... still stylish, even when you work. Choose some thin denim clothes and nice accessories. It's good to have in your wardrobe some clothes made of nice summer  fabrics: thin denim, linen, pure cotton - they look nice and make you feel fresh for the whole day. To look really good and elegant, it's good to mix accessories in the same colour: so when you have brown leather watch, belt and backpack, add Ippomare DIKEARCHOS flop-flops in dark brown. Now you're ready for a new day!

środa, 10 czerwca 2015

Wednesday casual

Hey folks, how do you describe typical casual style? Should be comfort, easy and stylish. Today we offer you typical casual outfit: based on jeans and cotton top. We added some accessories: shopper bag, aviator sunglasses and metal bracelet in minimalistic style. What else? It's so natural, we choose flat Ippomare sandals - this time KLEIO - taken from Braids of Afrodite line. We've choosen natural dark brown leather - to make it fit with this style. So, how do you like it?

poniedziałek, 11 maja 2015

Shorts & Sandals

If you like shorts, T-shirts, military style and sandals, this Ashley Greene's outfit is the best choice for you! This beautiful actress knows very well how to mix different kinds of styles and trends to get a perfect look. Especially ultra short shorts which exposure legs should be mixed with a special shoes. 

In this case gladiator sandals in nude colour (Ippomare Andromeda 12) make legs look better: smoother and longer. And they make a great look with basic T-shirt and military green parka jacket. How would we describe it? Great city look for independent woman - that's for sure!

niedziela, 26 kwietnia 2015

How to wear nude colors? It's very easy! 

Look at Candice Swanepoel!  You should focus just on one piece of your wardrobe (skirt is the most effective part) and try to add some easy and simple elements. We advice to stay in one style: do not choose multicor option - it won't be nice for eyes. We prefer just two or three colors: white, nude and some kind of brown.
What is more important, nude sandals (IPPOMARE model Amfitryta 17) look great - they make your legs look slimmer, longer and more fit. That's a nice trick to make you look bettter, especially when your legs are not very long. Try it!