wtorek, 23 czerwca 2015

Summer Man

Summer Man

Hey guys, it's time for a real summer. So, don't forget to look fabulous! Right now, we want to present three outfits, that will make you look posh and stay  in the hottest summer trends. And mix all these outfits with sandals from Greek Heroes line. They'are really special!

Sea breeze 

Dunes, golden sand, wind... What else could make you feel better? Good style. So, when you plan holiday at seaside, think about linen. Pants, shirts, everything made of linen, makes you feel natural and stylish. This fabric makes your skin breath and you feel comfortable, even when the weather is typical: hot and almost exotic. What else? Good sandals - perfect match for a beach. We offer you Ippomare ARIONAS: light, comfortable, just a perfect fitting for linen. 

Summer in the city 

So, are you ready for sightseeing? Great! No matter, if you visit Rome, Helsinki or Prague this summer. Think about comfort! Try to mix some comfortable and basic pieces: nice bermudas, shirt, add some nice bag (for holiday souvenirs).  Don't forget abput good watch and sunglasses - city sun can make you feel lazy (so you can miss the plane) or make your eyes tired. We finish with a nice Ippomare ACHILLES flip-flops. What elese could make you feel more stylish? 

Working man 

So, your holiday is over, but not summer. Be ready, be taugh and... still stylish, even when you work. Choose some thin denim clothes and nice accessories. It's good to have in your wardrobe some clothes made of nice summer  fabrics: thin denim, linen, pure cotton - they look nice and make you feel fresh for the whole day. To look really good and elegant, it's good to mix accessories in the same colour: so when you have brown leather watch, belt and backpack, add Ippomare DIKEARCHOS flop-flops in dark brown. Now you're ready for a new day!

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