czwartek, 16 lipca 2015

Summer feelings

You say denim and what you really think? Fashion, joy and immortal youth! This summer you may choose from many denim options:       we wear jumpsuits, skirts, shirts and of course shorts.  What is most important, denim total look is the favourite style of this summer. So you can mix many different parts of denim clothes to make a great outfit. 

We especially like denim shirts: they look like    a cowboy part, what doesn't mean you need to make a Wild West look! You just need to mix them properly with other clothes. Of course it's very simple to mix just denim shirt with jeans, but we don't  like such obvious  solutions!
It's nice to add denim shirt to shorts or mini skirt to make a modern and fresh look. 

Also try to mix them with sporty style accessories: shopper bags and flat leather Ippomare sandals. Denim loves natural colours, so mix it with light and dark leather - it's very, very  stylish! 
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