sobota, 6 lutego 2016

Time to bring back summer!

Beginning of February can be perceived as the bluest moment of the year. Most of Europe is cover with snow and ice and as we get cold all the time, we keep dreaming of hot sun, blue waves and carefree time. But why not to make the dream come true and escape from winter to celebrate nice weather in one of a few warm places?

If you decide to organize a spontaneous trip (why not to go for a last minute option that can be really budget-friendly?), you can still enjoy the sun and spend unforgettable time that will bring back memories from summer. You will enjoy the fact that you won’t have to cover yourself with anoraks, winter shoes and hats anymore (at least for a while!). Instead, you will have a plea to take out from your closet your favourite breezy dresses, denim shorts and leather jackets.

Also don’t forget to pack into your suitcase accessories that will emphasise your unique style. What to take with you? Definitely, a good choice will be to take your favourite sunglasses, canvas bag and flat leather Ippomare sandals. This is a perfect mix for girls who want to look feminine and stylish, yet casual at the same time. So are you ready for short holidays?