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Ippomare travels to Aegina Island

Summer is just around the corner and nice, hot weekends are ahead of us. We can spend them in variety of ways. For example,  if you are in Athens, after visiting obligatory (sic!) Parthenon and museums, and you would like to escape from the crowded city, we have a great idea for you!

Aegina, just an hour by ferry from Piraeus port, is a great destination, where you will find refreshing ambiance, great seafood taverns, beautiful beaches, cafes, nightlife, archaeological sites and everything you would expect to find on a Greek island. According to the mythology, the father of Olympian Gods, Zeus has felt in love with Aegina, who was a beautiful nymph and took her on the island, that by nowadays bears her name. 

Inspired by the stories we had heard about this island, we decided to check and Ippomare has traveled to Aegina!

                                                   On our way we had some company! :)

On the harbor, you will see in a row, beautiful neoclassical houses around the bay, creating lovely impression :)The waterfront is lined by fish taverns, restaurants, gift shops selling pistachio nuts, the traditional product of Aegina.

Although this area is usually busy, a street or two behind, the town reveals itself as a calm and quiet place surrounded by low hills and blue sea. 

At the port, close to the ferry quay, horse carriages offer visitors a romantic ride
around the town.

Aegina is a great place for sightseeing, as the long history of the island is well reflected in the ancient monuments. In the 5th century BC, Aegina emerged as a great naval power and a serious threat to Athens, the most powerful city-state that time. Culture flourished in Aegina along with the economy and many temples were built. Among them, the temple of Apollo close to the modern port, of which unfortunately only a column survives today. This temple is widely known as Kolona and can be visited on foot from the port.
However, the most famous and interesting ancient monument of Aegina is the temple of Aphaea, situated in the centre of the island.

This used to be among the most important religious centers in ancient Greece and in fact, scientists have noticed that the temple of Aphaia, the Acropolis of Athens and the temple of Poseidon in Sounion geographically form an isosceles triangle.

After visiting Apfea Temple, we had some rest in a nearby coffee shop, where you can drink refreshing frappe or strong Greek coffee, admiring the view of island.

Ippomare choice for the day on Aegina: Helios bracelet & Andromeda sandals.

It was the first time Ippomare went to Aegina, but hopefully not last! 

Soon we will return there, so stay tuned!

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